A South African designer has been accused of allegedly mistreating a client and calling her “fat” because of her body weight.

Taking to Twitter, Lesego Tlhabi, SABC’s Trending SA host, wrote a thread on how she was mistreated by the designer.

She said: “So today I went to a famous designer who was told my sizes way beforehand because it’s for TV. Does he not then declare very loudly in the store after a failed try-on that he has nothing for me & then uses words like “fatty boom boom” to describe how I’d look in the designs.”

Hurt as she was, Tlhabi didn’t name and shame the designer instantly.

However, she couldn’t keep it any longer and outed Quiteria Kekana, the former partner of the famous fashion duo, Quiteria & George.

“Actually, nah. It’s Quiteria and George. What happens from there is above me. It was shit shit shit. If I lose this opportunity, I lose it. I will never wear something from there. And it was ‘Q’ himself,” said Tlhabi.

Tweeps corrected Tlhabi that Quiteria & George is no more.

The duo split in May 2019, and Quiteria Kekana started his fashion label, Quiteria Atelier.

Kekana took to Instagram to do a live video where he was explaining the whole ordeal.

Without mincing his words, he clearly stated that he will not be writing any statement and will certainly not apologise.

“She’s lying, that’s a defamation of character. I see you guys have made a decision. The truth of the matter is, I’m not going to release an apology to anyone, at any given moment,” said Kekana.

Kekana went on to say his mother is also a size 42.

“Guys, fat is not a bad word. I wish I has called her fat directly, but it wasn’t that,” he said.

He insisted that he didn’t have a conversation with Tlhabi and never called her “fatty boom boom.”

He also threatened to sue everyone on his wall who believes that he indeed called her ’fat’.



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